How to Add Your Label to Clothes?

Label to Clothes
You can put your label on clothes in several ways. The methods available to you will depend on the types of brands you have and the kinds of resources you own. Despite this, it is further divided into three categories:
Sewing, Without sewing, and Tagging.

Let’s get right to it: the best ways to put your labels on clothing.

1. Labels for Clothes: How to Sew them

There can be various ways to sew labels on a piece of clothing but apart from the difference in the technique, there are only 2 ways-

  • Hand sewing
  • Machine sewing
It is possible to attach labels to any type of clothing line you are producing or planning on selling such as-
sweaters, shirts, pants, shirts, t-shirts, and dresses.

1.1 What Is the Best Way to Hand Sew Labels?

Who doesn’t know how time-consuming hand sewing can be! Could feel like generations doing this. People with a lot of time and patience should consider this choice. This is not recommended for labels on a large number of clothing items. Proceed to the next bullet if you fall into this category.

a. Sewing End-Folded Labels by Hand

As the name depicts ‘sewn’ which means it is not attached to clothing brands using the adhesive. As of now, they can only be sewn by hand or by machine.

b. Centre-folded Labels: How to Hand Sew

You need to mark the place on the hem of your t-shirt, on the neck, sleeve, pocket or wherever you want it to be. Then pin it using a pin for better grip.

1.2 Sewing Labels by Machine

Nowadays, sewing machines have become more convenient with passing generations. You can automate the process with an embroidery machine or special label sewing machine.

2. No-sew fabric attachment

To avoid messing up sewing, people should look for other options such as sticking the labels to the garment. Fabric glue/ adhesive or using double-sided heat-press tape is one way of doing it.
Yet, there are other ways to go about this-
Depending on the kind of surface you are working with and the type of backing your label or patch comes with:
  • Iron-on
  • Stick-on
  • Plain

2.1 Iron-on labels for clothing

Iron-on fabric labels are very easy to use for long-lasting usage. You can also place the label first iron-on and then sew it for better results.

For better understanding and summarising kets go through the points again:

  1. Set the iron on cotton mode or medium heat point
  2. Place the label where you want it to be and apply heat for 10 seconds
  3. Check the label, and repeat as many times as required
  4. Wash and dry it after it has cooled down and waited 24 hours

2.2 Attaching the stick-on labels

Stick-on Clothing Labels/ peel off/ self-adhesive labels come with a thin glue film that will stick to any surface. Peel and stick it! No need for iron!

a. On cloth

These labels added to cloth could help to identify them. Parents can distinguish socks from underwear by using this clever solution. Socks and underwear are generally washed together, so this helps parents.

but this method has the disadvantage as the attached label can fall into the washing machine.

b. On furniture

Such peel and stick kinds of labels can last a lifetime and won’t fall off since they are waterproof.


Your idea of attaching your label to clothes could change your life as a seller. You can make an undeniable difference in the marketplace. Giving yourself and your garments an identity will prove to be life-changing.

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