Why Do High-End Jeans Use Buttons Instead Of Zippers?

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To buy jeans with a button fly or a zipper? In the world of fashion, this is a common question. I will tell you today why do high-end jeans prefer buttons over zippers most of the time. High-end jeans manufacturers prefer a button for their jeans rather than a zipper. The jeans were being produced […]

Custom Drawstring

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We provide Drawstring cord. made of cotton, quality material, it’s breathable, soft, lightweight and durable, not easy to be broken, quality drawstrings for long time of use.each drawstring end is sealed by metal, which is easy for you to thread and use, no more troubles to thread these drawstrings. Drawstrings are long cords that are […]

What are damask clothing labels?

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Today I will tell you what damask labels and tags are. We will also explore the reasons why they are the most used and popular clothing accessories. Damask labels and tags are woven clothing accessories. We make these labels using a fabric that has a reversible Jacquard pattern. There are different weave styles to make […]

Why luxury brands prefer custom clothes hangers?

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We use many accessories to give a refined look to the clothes. Clothing hangers are essential in keeping the clothes in good shape. Today, I will share with you what are the custom-made clothing hangers. We will also see why the luxury brands prefer them and what their uses are. The clothing hangers are devices […]

What is a metal label, and why are they becoming a popular clothing accessory?

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Today I will tell you what are metal labels and tags. We will also explore the reasons behind their becoming a popular clothing accessory. Metal labels and tags are custom-made clothing accessories. They are made of different metals. These metals include steel, copper, iron, aluminum, and zinc. They are mostly designed as logos, ID tags, […]

How to Choose Children’s Clothing Buttons?

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Are you wondering how to decide which buttons you should buy for your new kids’ clothing project? Worry no more, I will help you today in choosing the right buttons for children’s clothing. Choosing buttons for children’s clothing depends on many factors. Like, how do they look? How practical are they? And, making sure that […]

Custom paper bags for shopping

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We offer various custom paper bags for shopping printed with logo or image to improve your brands and corporate identity, small quantity is also allowed. Paper bags are a great ideal for marketing, advertising, and branding. A well designed and impressive bag is the most cost-effective way of creating your corporate branding awareness. They are the most […]

Size labels for clothing

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Size labels are clothing neck labels that printed or woven on fabrics, including printed size labels and woven size labels, which use laser-cut or hot-cut ways. Its material mainly includes polyester and cotton. They are made by weft and warp threads. which are ideal for clothing. The size labels are center-folded or end-folded to save enough space for sewing. They are […]

Custom polyester buttons for clothing

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Buttons for clothing Polyester buttons are plastic eco-friendly clothing buttons with cheap prices, which can be printed with a logo and include many sizes, shapes, and colors. They are suitable for garments, bags, decorative buttons, Childs’s clothes, and muslin, etc. So a wide variety of polyester button options are available to you, such as their features, sewing way, […]

Tell you button environmental protection technology of metal buttons

People generally call a certain kind of pollution-free goods green environmental protection products. At present, countries often have professional rules and regulations to control “environmental protection”, which can be seen everywhere in people’s daily life. When many enterprises advertise, they mainly make it clear that their goods are environmental protection, low-carbon environmental protection, along with […]