Common Uses of PVC Labels/Patches

Common Uses of PVC Labels
Companies use PVC Labels to promote their brand image. They are sewn onto the garment. Like- hats, shoes, canvas covers, bags, sweatshirts, etc. PVC labels are also known as unique tags. They come out of soft PVC rubber.
There is embroidery on the PVC labels by sewing them onto clothes. The PVC label has a circle of sewing grooves surrounding it. Double-sided adhesive tape is the most convenient way to attach it to objects.

Is PVC Labeling Useful?

Attach polyvinyl labels to garments, such as hats, shoes, bags, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. Companies use them to promote brand image.
Brands make their labels according to the requirements of their brand image, and logo. They will also use designs and patterns that are in line with the brand’s identity.

Differentiating PVC Labels from Ordinary Labels

  • These labels last longer than ordinary labels. They are much more durable.
  • Due to technological advancements, these labels are not limited to 2D
  • Paste a few labels on the product or packaging
  • Unlike common labels, Pvc labels are directly sewn into her garment
  • Options for size and style are not limited
  • Print more vivid 3D graphic style designs can on the labels

Types of Pvc patches:

  1. Velcro PVC Patches: Velcro aka mother button is a kind of connecting accessory. They are commonly used in luggage clothing.
  2. Self-adhesive PVC Patches: It has a PVC patch on the front and adhesive tape on the back. It is only possible to use double-sided tape once, Do not reuse it.
  3. No Attachment PVC Patches: these are sew-on patches without any attachments.

PVC Labels: An Overview

  1. These labels help provide information about the brand.
  2. Labels contain information like product, brand name, how to use, care, and disposal
  3. Make different products using varying methods and packaged according to different international standards.
  4. Labels about hazardous products such as flammable liquids and toxic chemicals are mandatory
  5. Other than being used on garments it is also helpful in product packaging.
  6. It shows the brand’s intentions
  7. A print of QR code on the PVC label is there for the seller to scan to verify that the brand is authentic.

The Advantageous uses:

  • They come from soft PVC rubbers
  • They have a soft texture
  • Sew Pvc labels on the clothes
  • Easy removable
  • If the customers do not like these labels they easily remove them by cutting the stitches
  • They inject high-quality colour into the pattern so it does not fade away too soon
  • You can find it in all kinds of styles, sizes
  • You can customize them, including the transparent luminous label
  • Unlike other materials available in the market, PVC labels are nontoxic
  • It has a long service life at a low production cost
  • They can pass well as decorations/accessories on clothes
  • Thus they are superior to many labels in the market as they have great market value.


  • Unlike metal labels, they can not stand long-term sun exposure. And is not resistant to the high temperature
  • It is not ideal for a high-temperature environment


Pvc labels are ideal for buyers/manufacturers who require bulk production. The market has all kinds of label producers. Some are good, some are not so. Good and reliable PVC label manufacturers manufacture high-quality labels on customer demand. The-Ly is an exceptionally reliable label manufacturing company.

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