Difference Between Cloth Patches and Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches

Use patches with distinctive logos or designs to add flair to uniforms. or as a simple, trendy component. But, Do you know all the types of patches that exist? It is crucial to be aware of two kinds of patches. The cloth patches and Embroidered Patches. They shouldn’t be confused with the same. Since these patches’ designs stand out from clothing. Understanding the difference is important.

The main thing to remember is the fact that patches come from cloth. They contain unique logos or letters. In contrast to other patches, the cloth patch is easy to design. As it comes from fabric that is affordable. This is why patches made of cloth can be affixed to any type of garment with no hassle. Designer clothes often have patches that draw attention to the brand’s name or the brand name. The major advantage of patches made from a cloth is their “washability” feature. Cloth patches are simple to wash or clean. Also, ironing cloth patches aren’t a cause for much trouble as they’re smoothed.

Let us state the difference between Embroidered patches one by one:

  1. The materials used in embroidered patches looks is different from cloth patches
  2. Embroidery gives a 3D look and makes the material look thicker
  3. Use special threads to make the patch. This accomplishment is done with great care.
  4. Most of their embroidering makes use of more than one kind of thread
  5. Patches made with embroidery tend to be more expensive than patches made with cloth.
  6. For embroidering the skill required should be above average and meticulous
  7. It requires quite a long time to finish one patch compared to cloth patches
  8. These patches are usually attached to uniforms.

Companies have taken measures to deal with time-consuming embroidery patches. They have come up with various machines that make it a lot easier. With these machines, the finishing of work happens.

Cloth Patches:

  1. These patches are less heavy on cloth compared to the embroidered
  2. They look thinner
  3. Designer clothes usually come with patches that identify the clothes’ brand or cloth label
  4. Companies use cheap clothing materials to make them
  5. They are also easy to make as they do not need too many threads
  6. If handmade, cloth patches take less time compared to embroidered ones.
  7. Patches made from cloth are an excellent option for incorporating detailed designs

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