Five Claw Clasp and the Snap Button Which Good?

To refer to something different. Five Claw Clasp and the Snap Button Which Good:
  1. Prong Snap Buttons Copy
  2. snap button is also known as a buckle or spring buckle or sewing button.

The second is the diversity of characteristics

Prong Snap Buttons are beautiful and simple to use. The accounting of engraving on all types of exquisite decorative pattern designs and brand trademarks. As well as the use of different surface treatments can be adapted to any colour of clothing fabric. This is particularly common in children’s clothing.
Snap buttons are from top to bottom, it is divided into four ABCD parts: AB is female, the broad edge can be carved with patterns, and there is a hole and two parallel springs. CD is called a spigot. The spring clamp is prominent among a dot. It produces a force that fixes clothing. Snap button for the S type spring combination.
Third, you can use different:
1. Prong Snap Buttons – can be used for thin woollen cloth, cloth, and scalability of scalability cloth. This includes western pyjamas and knitted underwear.
2. The snap button- This button can be used with all types of clothing, bags and handbags.

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