H Buckle Basic Science

H buckle is divided into h buckles hollow moving head, feet H buckle, double colour h buckle word buckle for belt borer etc. Based on various standards, it is classified as a buckle and is also different.
If according to play with the pants, the surface of the buckle activity, separate into H buckle head, h buckle and die head the h the clasp.
The buckle’s surface diameter can be di0vided into-
  • 15 millimetres
  • 17 millimetres
  • 20 millimetre
  • 25 mm
  • 30 mm and so on.
The most used size is 15 millimetres, 17 millimetres, and 20 millimetres.
Based on the different buttons used, the metal processing the colour can be different. And can be classified between bronze stainless steel, iron, and so on.

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