How to Choose Children’s Clothing Buttons?


Are you wondering how to decide which buttons you should buy for your new kids’ clothing project? Worry no more, I will help you today in choosing the right buttons for children’s clothing.

Choosing buttons for children’s clothing depends on many factors. Like, how do they look? How practical are they? And, making sure that they are not a hazard to a child’s safety. Using the right buttons for children’s clothes is as important as the choice of fabric that you are going to use because not everything is suitable for little kids.

When it comes to choosing buttons for children’s clothes, there are so many options available. You only have to know the pros and cons of those options. That is what I am going to discuss in detail here.

Importance of choosing the right buttons:

Those who like to sew and design clothes for children have to keep many things in mind. Children have very soft and sensitive skin, so we cannot use rough or stiff fabric for their clothing. Also, small children tend to grab and chew anything and everything they can get their hands on. That is why we try to use soft fabric with a light, non-toxic colors for kids’ clothing.

The choice of buttons for the kids’ clothes is very important. There are two ways to use buttons on a child’s clothes. We can use buttons for fastening or for decoration on children’s clothing. Our choice also depends on the age and gender of the children.

Choosing and using buttons for infants:

Try to sew the buttons so that they don’t touch the skin when you are making something for a child that is an infant. Infants have susceptible skin, and a wrongly sewn button can give them rashes. We should also keep in mind the shape of the buttons because grabbing them can hurt an infant’s hands. When it comes to fastening the buttons of small children, it is not easy. They keep wriggling and crying every time you change their clothes, so the buttons should be easy to use as well.

Choices of buttons for older kids

The children who can walk and run and play all the time, the buttons on their clothing should not get in their way. The fastening buttons of kids this age should be able to keep their clothes in place. Believe me; these young children are like cats. They want to climb on everything and play with everything. So it is necessary to choose the right buttons for them that can keep up with all that activity.

Types of fabric and buttons

Always keep the type of fabric in mind before choosing the buttons for your sewing projects. The type of fabric plays an important role in your choice of buttons for children.

Light and soft fabric:

If the fabric is very light and soft, try to avoid using heavy or sharp-edged buttons because heavy buttons on a lightweight fabric will ruin the shape of the clothing. At the same time, sharp-edged buttons will tear the soft fabric.

Buttons for fur:

If the fabric has fur, then smaller buttons will hide in it. So, use bigger buttons on that kind of fabric. When the fabric is fluffy, try using plain buttons. Because they will complement the fabric instead of making the clothes appear over-done.


Do not use small or sharp-edged buttons on sweaters and other woolen clothes. They will be easily get undone because the buttonholes in wool are very stretchy. The sharp-edged buttons will keep getting caught in the wool and even tear the yarn. It is better to use bigger and round buttons on wool clothing as fasteners. At the same time, you can always use the novelty buttons for decoration on woolen clothes and caps.


It is also very important to choose different types of buttons for the baby’s sleepwear. Babies are again like cats when they sleep. They sleep in all impossible positions, and we can hardly understand the reason. But they do sleep on their belly a lot. So, always choose the buttons for their sleepwear that are very light, thin, and soft. The buttons made of cloth are best to be used on infants’ nightclothes. They are soft and light, so they don’t make the baby uncomfortable.

Types of buttons

There are mostly five types are buttons that are used for children’s clothing.

Novelty Buttons:

These buttons come in so many shapes and sizes. They are mostly shaped like toys or cartoon characters. They are brightly colored and look very nice. These buttons are used as fasteners too, but it is better to use them as decoration only. Due to the sharp edges, it is hard to fasten them on a child who is constantly kicking you. And they keep getting caught in the fabric. The sharp edges are also a safety hazard, so try to avoid using them for very young kids. We further categorize the novelty buttons in some shapes:

Toy shaped buttons:

These buttons mostly have sharp edges. It is best to use them for aesthetic pleasure only. They have complex and detailed designs, so as a fastener, that would not look very good. It is hard to fasten them in any case.

Star and heart-shaped buttons:

These two types have edges, but mostly they are round and soft corners. They are big, so they are a good choice for a fastener or as decoration on a child’s clothes.

Flower-shaped buttons:

The flower-shaped buttons are the best option. When you are working on a cute design, especially for baby girl clothing, they are round in shape, making them a perfect fastener, and it is easy to do the round button than any other shape.

Sports buttons:

The sports buttons are trendy for baby boy clothing. You can use them as fasteners, too, but they look better when used as decorative buttons.


It is a fun thing to create cute little outfits for cute tiny humans. And it is more fun to decorate them with the right kind of buttons. So, choose with care and have fun mixing and matching the buttons in your collection

What Don’t you have a buttons collection?

Well, it’s never too late, so go and make your baby buttons collection so that you can use it in your future projects. But do keep in mind all the pros and cons of those different buttons.

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