How to Install or Replace Jeans Buttons

Replace jeans buttons

How many times has it been over the years that you have lost the jeans button? Sometimes you even lose the button and can’t fit the jeans anymore. A button that is missing from the inside of your jeans could make your most loved pair of jeans inedible. But Replace jeans buttons is simpler than you think. It is possible to make use of a replacement tool to snap a new button in a snap, or even stitch a fresh button.

How to Install or Replace Jeans Buttons

Sewing on a New Button

Materials required:

It is simple to sew a button onto the jeans in place of the missing button. The following tools are needed:

  • Replacement button
  • Needle
  • Thread (use a heavy-duty or denim thread)
  • Scissors
  • Small denim patch (optional)

Let’s walk through it step by step:

  1. Grasp the thread and thread it through the needle’s eye. Trim the thread to make it easier. The world has advanced, and you can even buy pre-threaded needles. Modern technology is making everything easier.
  2. When your denim jeans are still in good condition in the area where the button was. You may not need to put on the patch for denim. If there’s an opening, applying patches will help ensure you have a secure thread.
  3. It isn’t necessary to make a large patch. Make it large enough to cover the area behind where the button will go. When it has adhesive on the back, you may iron the patch on, but this is not necessary. It will stick to itself by the thread.
  4. Sew the button into place. The thread should be inserted through the back of your jeans, which is where you’ve put the denim patch. Sew the patch around denim several times to make sure the thread is secured. Then, you can place the needle in the button on the back of your pants. Following that, push the needle through the denim and patch.
  5. Start inserting the needle through the button and back. do it through the jeans several times until the thread is thick and the button is secure. Then, remove the excess thread and tie it in a knot at the end to help keep it secure.

Now, let us discuss the more modern way used to fix these-

Things required:

  • Replacement button
  • Button tool
  • Iron-on denim patch
  • Hammer
  1. Jean buttons are generally constructed of metal and are attached to jeans using the help of a screw. So, you might be able to repair the button on your jeans with no sewing.
  2. Patches can expand the button’s area. new button. Cut the patch by the size you need to ensure it will fit into the space of your button. Then, you can apply the patch to the instructions from the manufacturer.
  3. A piece of scrap denim can also be glued or sewn onto the area behind the new button. If you cannot find an iron-on denim patch or do not wish to buy one.
  4. You can find Jean buttons in two parts. One is the button, and the other is a back piece that is joined by a stud. both pieces together. button. Put both pieces inside the tool to replace buttons.
  5. It is the larger slot that will house the button and the smaller slot will hold the backing.
  6. After that, slide the button tool over the jeans and close them. The placement of the stud is seen on the inner side and the button side is on the outer side.
  7. Once you’ve put the tool on the table, close it as tight as possible. Then take your hammer and use your hammer to break the two pieces.
  8. The replacement tool should be given an easy tap with the hammer first. Then, increase your force as required.
  9. Once you’ve joined the pieces Remove the tool. The new button will be secured so your pants are all set to go!

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