Woven Labels for Clothing Brands

Woven Labels for Clothing Brands
Product Details

☑️ MOQ: 100pcs

☑️ Color: 7 Colors

☑️ Material:  Damask woven label, satin woven label

Product Features
Great Quality
Fade Resistant
Custom Size
Roll & Cut-to-Size
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Interested in this product?
Ask for more details & Latest Price

Woven labels are the most popular and widely chosen labels due to the nature of the product. They can show the brand name and logo, connotation, and the size, origin, composition, or description of the product, so they are widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, bags, and home textile products. They are made of polyester woven on professional Jacquard looms; this reason promises they will not fade easily, are machine washable in all temperatures, and retain their shape after repeated washing. They come in various ways: Flat, folded, die-cut, iron-on, or self-adhesive.

‘Fold’ Options of Woven Labels Designs

We have all kinds of samples for clothing labels with various fold options like Middle fold, End fold, Mitre fold, Manhattan fold, Die-cut, or Straight cut for your choice, feel free to contact us and ask for a free sample.


Why Choose our Woven printed labels?

We are woven logo label manufacturers and we supply all kinds of custom clothing labels with logos for clothing brands, including Damask woven labels, Satin woven labels, Taffeta woven labels, etc. Cotton woven labels, selvage woven labels, computerized woven labels, crochet woven labels, shading woven labels, and epoxy glue woven labels are also available.

All of our custom woven labels designs are completely customizable, which means every customer we work with gets a unique design. For those who understand the importance of labels, custom woven labels are one of the most effective ways to add a unique and identifiable finishing touch to achieve it. Your customers identify you by branding the labels with your logo or text.

How to Pick the Right Kind of Label?

90% of woven labels available in the market are damask woven labels or satin woven labels, others are niche and personalized, many people do not know these labels can be made in such patterns.

If you want your labels to be special and unique from others, you can choose this niche type. If not, the damask woven labels or satin woven labels will be a good choice, which is common and cheap. Or you can ask us for different types of label samples for free and make your final decision after comparing. Or see the following pictures to choose which is your type.

Two Points to remember before Customizing


The width of a single letter can’t be smaller than 1mm. For example, CLOTHING consists of 8 letters. So the total length can’t be smaller than 8mm, otherwise, it won’t be weaved clearly.


Please note that the colour of custom woven labels can’t be as smooth as your design for gradient colour.

The maximum number of colours is 7, which we can make for a custom woven label at present. The more colour woven label has, the harder and thicker it will become.

Therefore, we advise you not to make a woven label with many colours, the logo will turn out better with less than 4 colours.


Please clean these labels below 118℃. Don’t use oily agents, chemicals, and dye. Otherwise, the colours will be polluted and fade away.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional Supplier: We are a professional supplier of clothing labels for leading fashion brands, serving globally, and providing professional solutions and technical support for more than 5000 brand companies. All of our custom labels are high-quality. Unbefitting labels might cause disastrous consequences to your brand. Our original heat and experience guarantee our quality.
  • Wide varieties: Almost all fabric labels can be found here. What’s important, that all of our items can be customized to highlight your brand style and improve your brand influence.
  • Budget-Friendly: Because of professionalism, the price can be controlled within a reasonable range.
  • Give out Samples: We can provide you with free design. We will regularly provide the latest style samples of custom woven labels to change style reference, which is free.


  1. Reference sample from our photo gallery or other places.
  2. The quantity you want. Our MOQ is 100pcs.
  3. Your logo or your design if you have one.
  4. The fold option of woven labels.

1: What is the MOQ of the woven label?


2: What is the bulk production time?

7-12 business days.

3: What is the shipping time?

3-6 days by express.

4: What material is available?

Damask woven label, satin woven label.

5: What colors can be woven?

For the damask label, it can be woven in 7 colors; For the satin label, 3 colors, but it can be woven in metallic gold and silver.

6: What profile is needed when production?

Please send artwork in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format.

7: Is sampling available?

Yes, the sampling fee is 15usd, the sampling time is 5-7business days.

8: Can we get free samples?

Yes, We can ship reference samples for your checking quality and style. Samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping

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