Tell You Button Environmental Protection Technology of Metal Buttons


People generally call a certain kind of pollution-free goods green environmental protection products. At present, countries often have professional rules and regulations to control “environmental protection”, which can be seen everywhere in people’s daily life. When many enterprises advertise, they mainly make it clear that their goods are environmental protection, low-carbon environmental protection, along with everyone’s awareness of environmental protection The promotion of green environmental protection products is more and more popular.

Although the metal buttons look small, they are only a small decoration in the clothing, and many of the clothing at the entrance and exit of our country are returned and exchanged due to the unqualified environmental protection of the small buttons, which really corresponds to the sentence: “a rat shit breaks a pot of porridge”. In order to meet the historical trend and maintain the global ecological environment protection, energy-saving metal buttons should cause people’s concern. Next, we will master the characteristics of metal buttons for environmental protection.

Button environmental protection regulations: the key to button environmental protection of metal materials is that there are no regulations on the electroplating process and no regulations on metal surface treatment such as oil pump. For environmental protection buttons, the electroplating process must be selected without the plating process. According to the regulations of clothing production, sometimes it must be further solved after the plating process: if the plating process is over acid and alkali resistant, over high temperature, etc., it is not related to environmental protection, only has some maintenance effects (such as anti-fading, anti-rust, etc.). According to the customer’s regulations, people will also make oil pumps, oiling, crystal glue dropping, gold inlaying, and other technological processes on the surface of buttons with good electroplating technology. The commonly used raw materials in this technological process still remember to use energy-saving raw materials. At this stage, the inspection method of the environmental protection button is based on the inspection of pharmaceutical solution (similar to the method of pH pregnancy test paper, the inspection is carried out with anoxic dog pharmaceutical solution), and the QC of general manufacturers can entrust the inspection. Among the universal button rolling colors, the colors of bronze, white zinc, and red bronze belong to the environmental protection colors. Some garment factories require manufacturers to send their products to testing centers for inspection and show their qualification certificates. Such as the SGS inspection report. Regulations on needle detector: Needle detector refers to the inspection of copper (nickel) content in a total area of commodity enterprises by using electromagnetic principle. If electroplate craft is not without LAK, must not have examined needle. High precision copper crafts, metal surface treatment, environmental protection, no nickel, can be audited. In the classification of copper materials, there are 62 / 65 / 68 (at present, 68 copper is specially used in the market, but in fact, 65 high-precision copper), and even sometimes manufacturers use some leftover materials to recover the copper materials for production and processing, in which the copper materials are high, which can not be over inspected.

In general, the environmental protection of button products refers to that the finished products are free of formamide, lead, and nickel. Over inspection, the needle means that the products can be inspected according to the needle detector. The name of driving is: the goods of environmental protection may not be over inspection needle, but the goods of over inspection needle must be environmental protection. Naturally, as a metal button for environmental protection, its own materials can not be ignored. If people use too much iron to make buttons, its raw materials can’t be used for electroplating, so it’s unlikely to make environmental protection metal buttons.

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