Types of Buttons Used in Clothing

types of buttons
Yes, the topic button has a separate article. It is that important. When thinking about buttons, sewing buttons is the first image that pops up in our minds.
A Sewing button is a round and small disc used to put pieces of fabrics in place or close it. Buttons serve the same purpose as zippers. They belong to the category of fasteners and are also utilised as decoration. There are varieties of buttons available in the market. And, not all are suitable for every kind of garment. The matchmaking between the cloth and its buttons should be well considered.
It depends on the style and needs of garments. Need to understand the different types of buttons before we begin to design them:

Based on Material:

On the basis of materials, categorise buttons in the following ways:
  • Wood
  • Bone
  • Pearl
  • Sea shell
  • Resin
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Fabric
  • Corozo
  • Horn

Matching the attachment, manufacturing method, and the end-use can determine the best button. The image of the button is heightened after attaching it to a cloth/ texture/ design.


Let us now discuss the 6 main types of buttons-

1. Flat buttons

Know that the common and regular buttons that we see with four or two holes are flat buttons. Because of their flat surface, it is not that difficult to design them. It is possible to sew flat buttons onto clothing with sewing machines. These are usually used in shirts, coats, cardigans etc.

2. Shank buttons

The buttons that you see on clothes without any holes are shank buttons. Then how do you attach these to the garment? At the back of the garment has a protruding loop or hole. It allows to attach the fabric to buttons. Using heat the protruded hole can be made from the back of the button. Fix a separate piece into the button.

3. Stud buttons

you can find stud buttons in jeans. Use a special machine is to press the buttons onto the fabric. They have two parts. Many companies have their logos or patterns printed on their jeans buttons. Press them onto fabric using a special machine. They give away a sense of individuality to the company.

4. Toggle Buttons

Toggle buttons are in shape of elongated ovals. With an interlocking hole in the middle to prevent them from falling out. These buttons attach themselves to thicker coats and duffle jackets. They are usually fitted with rope loops.

5. Decorative Buttons

These buttons are not only fasteners but are also used as decorative items. Decorative buttons can have unusual shapes. As lapel buttons and brooches are only decorative

6. Snap Buttons

From top to bottom, each consists of four parts: cap, socket, stud, and post. Use the surface of the cap and the socket for decorative patterns. Companies can add designs or their logo to them. They are ideal for hidden fasteners as they provide a better aesthetic look.

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