What is a metal label, and why are they becoming a popular clothing accessory?


Today I will tell you what are metal labels and tags. We will also explore the reasons behind their becoming a popular clothing accessory.

Metal labels and tags are custom-made clothing accessories. They are made of different metals. These metals include steel, copper, iron, aluminum, and zinc. They are mostly designed as logos, ID tags, and other custom shapes. They are available in all sizes, shapes, and metal colors. Metal labels and tags are made using laser cutting, stamping, and printing.

Let us go deeper. We will see what the different types of metal labels are. We will also explore why they are becoming a very popular clothing accessory.

Metal labels and tags

History of metal tags

  • Reading history, we notice that humans discovered different metals many centuries ago. The discovery of bronze, iron, and gold changed the course of human history. These metals became an essential part of their daily lives. Early humans were using metal in their weapons only. But with the passage of time, they developed techniques to mold and shape metal. That enabled humans to convert metal into more and more refined shapes. They learned that different metals have different levels of hardness. That fact made them turn to gold and silver to use in jewelry. While they used iron for weapons. Old times are gone and we have the latest machines now. These machines can mold any metal into anything at all. You only have to choose a design suitable for your brand. When metal entered the cloth making. Metal clothing accessories became a status symbol for rich people. Then the metal got into military uniforms. People started using metal for armors, helmets, and shoes to make uniforms. Metal was being used in military uniforms for years.

Metal labels and fashion

  • Then, after all, metal made its way into the fashion industry. The rich people started using metal in their belts, buttons, hooks, buckles, shoes, and hats. The elegant look that metal would provide was not possible to achieve using wood or fabric. Using metal as jewelry never went out of fashion. Metal remained a symbol of classy clothing for a long time. The metals had so much impact on humans that we call historic eras after different metals.

Post-Age metal labels

  • After the invention of plastic, it got into almost every industry. Including the clothing industry. Rubber and plastic replaced leather and metal in many clothing options. But, with time, plastic became cheaper and cheaper. Now anything plastic on a classy garment is simply not an option. When vintage and retro fashion made a comeback in the 2000s. The metal labels and tags also came back for good. They are not only back but taking the world of fashion by storm too. It is very easy to convert intricate designs into a metal tag or label with a modern laser cutting machine. There is no need to shy away from any complicated design for metal anymore. Modern techniques of printing, stamping and cutting have made it possible. You can convert metal into any design at all. It is even lighter in weight as compared to the past metal designs and jewelry.

Clothing brands use metal labels in some of the following ways:

Metal logos:

The metal had always been associated with being new and classy. Metal logos are very popular these days. Different kinds of companies like to represent different messages through their metal logo. A big luxury brand would prefer a gold or silver logo. Because these metals are symbols of luxury and richness. A sports brand or a musician can use shiny steel or iron metal tags to show their strength and growth. Metal logos are used on shirts, caps, shoes, and bags mostly. They look very neat and the refined cutting gives them a sleek look that goes perfectly with the fabric.

the image is a cap

Metal labels subtle brand tags:

Some brands use fabric labels as their main tags but put a metal label on some subtle parts of their garment. These subtle tags are smaller than the main label. Mostly they are placed on the bottom left side of your shirt. These tags give an authentic look to the garment and the brand itself.

Metal labels on denim:

The fabric of the denim makes it a perfect fit for the metal labels. The durable cloth keeps the metal in place. The metal labels are shiny and solid that makes them appear beautifully on jeans or denim jackets. We all know that it is not easy to use metal labels on lightweight or silky fabric. That is why denim brands always prefer metal labels over any other.

Metal labels on leather:

Leather and metal had been part of our clothing for ages. The strong leather and solid metal had been the clothing of choice for many in past. Including warriors, knights, and common soldiers alike. The cowboys of the south gave the leather and metal a new place in fashion. The metal-studded leather jackets and metal-eyed leather pants are symbols of cowboy fashion. Other than that, hats, and shoes with heavy metal buckles also remind us of cowboys of the south. Even those who don’t adopt a full cowboy outfit, like a leather jacket with the right amount of metal on it. Leather is the best friend of metal. Both are very durable and have a long life. The leather garments finished with metal accessories are very common. From celebrities to a common person, everyone loves their leather with metal.

Custom metal zippers:

The metal labels can be custom-made to represent your brand logo as work as a zipper tag. Instead of using a regular zipper, you can make your logo the zipper tag. Sew in on a hoodie, a bag, or a pair of shoes. The unique design will surely turn some heads.

Metal labels on caps:

A cap or hat is a piece of clothing that does get noticed by people at the first glance. Even those who do not notice others’ clothes, notice the caps or hats for sure. If you use the right style and size of a metal label for a hat or a cap, it will be 100% confirmed marketing. Sports brands are turning to metal labels to use on their caps and shoes too. Because they are durable and do not get affected by weather, sweating, or other such elements.


Metal labels and tags are back in fashion and they are here to stay. The reason behind their popularity is their durability, shiny look, and sleek design. More and more clothing brands are using metal labels now because they do not fade and show strength. The metal logos give away the message of stability and trust. The use of metal labels as clothing accessories other than logos is also getting higher. They are being used as zip pullers, and tags for bags and shoes.

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