What Is Garment Accessories Tape, and What Are Its Uses?


We use many accessories to give a refined look to the clothes. Garment tapes are essential in the finishing of a garment design. Today, I will share with you what the garment tapes are and what their uses are.

Garment tapes are one of the many accessories. The garment accessories tapes are strips, mostly made of different fabrics. But they are made of other materials too. These tapes have so many uses, including fastening, decoration, and branding. They have both practical and decorative uses. 

Have you started a sewing project and want to buy a suitable tape accessory? If you do not know what to buy, then this is the place where you will get all the answers. I will tell you in detail about the types of garment tapes, their material, and their uses.

Types of garment tapes

Garments tapes had been around for centuries. From army uniforms to heavy frock belts, tapes had been a part of the fashion industry for ages. In the past, people used to sew clothes without a machine. They used tapes to give a neat look to the finished garments. Tailors used them as piping, bands, decorative strips, fasteners, and buttonhole strips.

In today’s fast-fashion world, garment tapes have gained more value. They are now available in many more materials and variations. From very light tapes to thick metallic tapes. From beautiful floral tapes to adhesive tapes. They are available for so many uses in the making of a garment. 

Here is a list of different garment tapes:


We use this tape to give the edge of the fabric a decorative and neat look. Piping is mainly used on the shoulders of a sleeveless dress. On the hem of a dress, frock, or a skirt, the border of a collar, borders of pockets, and on many such places. It hides the hemstitch and looks beautiful on ladies’ clothing.

Buttonhole tape

These tapes have buttonholes. They give you the freedom to sew anything using buttons as fasteners. While not worrying about the buttonhole stitch. You only need to sew this tape on, and that is it. You have ready-made buttonholes for your shirt.

Seam tape

Seam tape is adhesive tape. This tape is normally used in waterproof clothing. It is a powerful adhesive for watersports, diving, or water surfing garments. The seam tape is applied on all the seams of waterproof clothes for the best results. It helps to keep the water from entering the seams. 

Ribbed tape

Ribbed tapes have a very clear woven design. They are available in cotton, silk, viscose, or nylon. We use them for sportswear, bags, shoes, and even belts. The most common use of them is on backpacks. The backpacks’ seams are always under so much pressure due to the weight. That is why we use the ribbed tapes on the backpacks. They give strength to the main fabric of the backpack. They also protect the seams from opening up under pressure. 

Moiré tape

The moiré tape is made of silk most of the time, but it is also available in cotton and wool. It has a wavy appearance. It shows different shades of the color when the light touches it. It is woven with a technique called calendaring. The weaving of this tape is done in a way that the lights and shadows give it a wavy look. We use it for decorative purposes and gives a garment a very posh look.

Welt tape

The welt tape is made of cotton. It is used for the garment’s joints like shoulders, front fly, and other such seams. Welt tape is usually used in women’s office wear like suits, formal skirts, and formal shirts. 

Stamped tape

Small business owners are using this tape more and more these days. It is made using an iron or a similar heating machine. A specific stamp is designed and using the iron; the plain tape is stamped with that design. It is used on handbags, casualwear, and also as a decorative accessory. Its use depends on the design of the stamp.

Bias tape

Bias tape is made by cutting a tape while keeping its weaving in diagonal lines. This pattern of woven fabric makes it easy to use at any angle you like. This makes it perfect to use on shoulders, necklines, and borders. We can use it on anything that needs round hemming. 

If you hem a round or semi-round pattern of a garment, it leaves tiny wrinkles. But, if you use a bias tape, your hemming will look very neat, without any wrinkles, and pretty too. The bias tapes come in two shapes, single fold and double-fold. For hemming, you can use the double fold. While to use as a decorative part of the garment, you can use a single fold tape as the pocket border. 

Taffeta tape

Taffeta is the most commonly used fabric tape or ribbon in the world. It is made of rayon, silk, and polyester. It comes in many varieties, from cheap to costly ones. This tape is used in luxury clothing. Like evening gowns, wedding dresses, wall coverings, and curtains. Stiff taffeta tapes are used for bouquets and gift pickings too.

Galloon tape

Gallon tape is made with braided gold or silver bias fabric. It is thick and a little rough fabric. Gallons are primarily used in army and police uniforms. It is also used in upholstery and as a trim on textiles. 

Twill tape

Twill tape is also called the herringbone tape due to the texture of its weaving. It can be used in an invisible way to support the seams that might be under threat of tearing open. Otherwise, you can use it for decorative use too. Due to its unique texture, it looks best on sportswear and other casual clothing. Twill tape is also used on shoes and bags. 

Double-sided adhesive tape

This tape is made of foam and cosmetic-grade adhesive. It is used to stick the clothes to your body. The bare shoulder and backless designs of dresses are risky to wear. One slip can be enough to expose your body. The two-sided foam tape is used as a bond between the garment and your skin. Designers who design prom dresses, wedding dresses, and dresses for celebrities use them. It remains invisible and is easy to wash after use. 


The world of fashion is nothing without accessories. These accessories give a unique and pretty finishing to the garments. There are so many types of tapes that you can use for your next project. Know your tapes in detail and use them for the best results. I hope you will reread this article, to remember all the names of these magic tapes. 

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