Why are Size Labels Necessary?

Size Labels Necessary

For any big or small brand, why are Labels or size labels would be of need? Well, anyone who makes or sells garments must have size labels on hand. These labels are informative. They contain one of the most essential information about the garment.

It’s important to sew your size labels into clothing. That will reflect the actual dimensions. So the wearer will be able to determine whether the item will fit.

What’s The Industry Standard for a Size Label’s Color and Size?

Now, if you ask what size tags look like? They are small in shape, unobtrusive and legible. Most brands design their labels in that way. Clothing labels arrive flat. Thus, straighten it out and fold it into half vertically. Sew them into the fabric seam or your main brand label, iron-on label, or fabric label before sewing them.

The point is to make labels that are readable without any colour clashes.

How Do I Size My Clothing and Garments?

Sizing standards vary by country. Thus you need to keep your customer base in mind and then size up your garments. when you follow the general size standard and the brand’s sizing standards. Customers can trust your brand to deliver the fit you advertise.

Creating Custom Layouts For Size Labels:

If you aren’t a fan of the idea of an extra size label, you can have the size printed. You can directly print it on the brand or label for laundry. As a result, the garment will not have an extra-label in the garment. But the labels will need to be ordered more often because each design includes a different size. Take it as a separate design and need the smallest order.

Types of Size Labels

US Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Toddler Sizes

Baby Sizes

Number Sizes

One Size Fits All

How to Apply A Size Label To Products?

One can attach size labels to cloth in many different ways like woven clothing labels. Following are the few ways in which it can be sewn into the cloth-

  1. They can be sewn directly onto the lower side of clothing thing label
  2. Attach them to the side edge of a clothing label
  3. It can be seen in the same location as a laundry label
  4. Randomly attach them to any are off the garment
  5. It can also be put around the back neck or waistband

What Material Is Used For Size Labels?

Companies attach every single size label to garments under company guidelines. Which includes label quality. Big brands use the finest quality labels so that the brand can market its logo for a long time. They use simple and clear-cut labels.

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