Why luxury brands prefer custom clothes hangers?

The image is clothes hanger
We use many accessories to give a refined look to the clothes. Clothing hangers are essential in keeping the clothes in good shape. Today, I will share with you what are custom-made clothing hangers. We will also see why the luxury brands prefer them and what their uses are.
The image is clothes hanger

The clothing hangers are devices to hang your clothes. Hangers help in keeping the clothes wrinkles-free. They also help utilize the closet space most efficiently. Luxury brands prefer custom-made clothing hangers. The brands can imprint their logos on the hanger. Also, a well-suited hanger helps to increase the life of the clothing.

Today I will tell you all about clothing hangers. We will explore what the clothing hangers are? What are their uses? And, why the luxury brands prefer custom-made clothing hangers.

What are clothing hangers?

Clothing hangers were first used by humans at the end 19th century. They attained current popularity in the early 1900s. Make early hangers from wire and wood. The upper part of the hanger would be a simple triangle to hang clothes.
Hang the pants and skirts on the lower part of the hanger. You need only one bar for the pants hanger. Hanging pants and coats are the most popular uses for hangers. There are three types. Let’s discover what these hangers are and how they compare.

Wire hangers

O. A. North. They are very simple in design. It’s a loop of wire. It has a flattened triangle shape with a large hook at the top for hanging. These hangers are the most popular. These hangers are more affordable than other types. Dry cleaners use these hangers. It is to transport your clothes after they have been cleaned.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to recycle
  • They are easy to find


  • They lose their shape with time
  • Clothes slip from them
  • They get rust and harm the garments

Wooden hangers

Make wood hangers from a piece of wood and cut them into the form of human shoulders. These come equipped with a metal hook at the top. These wooden hangers can be very expensive. Use these hangers to hang coats and other garments with padded shoulders.


  • They are durable
  • They can carry the heaviest garments
  • They do not stretch the garments


  • They are expensive
  • They are heavier so it is hard to carry them while travelling

Plastic hangers

Plastic hangers are more affordable. One can purchase a dozen or set for a very affordable price. Flatten them into a triangle shape and attached them to a hook. Use them in large garment shops to display many clothes.


  1. Cheap
  2. Easy to find
  3. They are available in different colours and shapes


  • They are not durable
  • They are not good for the shape of coats

Velvet hangers

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Velvet hangers have velvet covers. These hangers are made to cause friction with lightweight silky clothes. They keep your clothes in place and don’t let them slide. You can choose from many different colours to match your wardrobe’s style.


  • Keep the clothes in place
  • Look good to the eyes
  • They do not damage the fabric


  • If the clothes are wet or damp, these hangers can transfer their colour to the garments

Why are custom-made clothing hangers popular?

  • End-users don’t usually pay much attention to hangers used for clothing. It is important to select the right type of hanger. A good hanger is useful in many ways. It will preserve the shape of your clothes. It won’t allow your clothing to wrinkle. Heavy clothes can be hung on custom-made hangers that are stronger. Cheaper hangers can be damaged by winter jackets, sweaters and other clothing.
  • Because they look great, custom-made hangers are the best choice for luxury brands. Custom-made hangers look better in a walk-in closet or premium closet. cheap-looking wire or multicoloured plastic hangers ruin wardrobes’ looks.
  • It is important to choose clothes that reflect your personality. Adapt hangers to the clothes. A poor hanger can ruin an expensive evening dress. Cheaper hangers will cause soft fabrics to slip. Hanging dresses and tops on cheaper hangers are difficult because of their straps. You can have custom-made hangers that have notches so the clothes stay put. Wooden hangers are less likely to let clothes slide.
  • To keep your pants or skirts in their place, the custom-made hangers have a supportive bra. The wooden surface of the hangers does not allow clothes to slip. It is expensive to buy clothes like prom dresses and wedding gowns. A good hanger will help luxury clothes last longer and keep them in better condition.
  • It is important to consider the weight of your clothing when buying hangers. The hanger should be strong enough to hold the weight of the garment without breaking or bending. It is important to choose the right size hanger for your item. Your clothes may fall apart if the hanger is too small. If it is too large, it could stretch your clothes.
  • Pad them for high-end clothes or luxurious items, custom-made hangers. These cloth-covered hangers protect fragile garments. Satin is often used to cover the padded hanger. This is a great way to display lingerie or other women’s garments. They prevent clothes from sliding by providing padding. They also help to preserve the shape of dresses and coats.

Eco friendly:

Custom-made hangers are only a once-off buy. custom-made hangers last for the duration of their life. You can reduce waste from plastic by choosing hangers that will not be thrown away. In the end, you’ll save money, as well as the environment.


Fashion brands like custom-made hangers since they’re efficient. They are also sturdy. You can keep them for the rest of your life. They keep clothes in good condition. The custom-made hangers have wooden bars and notches. They keep clothes from falling. They also have cushioned shoulders that preserve the unique style of your suit or dress in place. Be sure to buy a high-quality set of custom hangers for your clothing. When a salesperson or dry-cleaner offers you a wire or plastic hanger, take it back by thinking. We don’t want to create more chaos around the world, do we?

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